VSI Certified Installers

They are registered contractors with the state licensed and insured

Levi's Roofing and Siding offers quality services that will help your home to look its best and to stand up to the outside elements. Our company has been in business for three years, but we have over 15 years of experience in handling new roof installations, roof repairs, and siding installations. Levi's can tackle small repairs or large ones based upon your needs. Our company believes in offering reliable services, and we are willing to go to bat for you with insurance companies. If you have a warranty claim, we can handle it.


Levi's Roofing and Siding is a roofing company that you can trust. We can help you decide what type of roof is right for your budget and needs. Our team is experienced with shingle, metal, and membrane roofing. We also offer premium slate, fiberglass, and tile roofing options. When you want to have a beautiful roof installed on to your home, our team of experts is standing by to assist you every step of the way. We can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing choice to make sure that you make an informed decision. Then our team will work quickly and efficiently to install your roof safely.


When it comes to choosing your home's siding, you can trust the experts at Levi's Roofing & Siding of Billings, MT. While it is important to chose quality siding for aesthetic purposes, that's not all that's important. Siding is the most exterior layer of your home and is what protects your it against all of the ware and tear it will experience throughout its lifetime. To ensure that the value of your home does not depreciate quickly Levi's Roofing & Siding recommends that all homeowners invest in quality siding materials. We service both Montana and Texas residents!

Storm Damage

If we see that your roof can be repaired, we will be happy to offer our dependable services. We have the right tools and equipment needed to fix your roof if it is leaking. Storm damage or age can cause many different problems, but our team is ready to resolve your issues in a fast and efficient manner. If you need the best roofing services possible, Levi's Roofing and Siding is a company that you can turn to for all of your needs. You deserve to have a home that looks good and protects you and your family, and we can make sure that your roof and siding is installed right the first time

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How can we help you? Whether you need a new roof, a reroofer, or are interested in our siding service, feel free to give Levi's Roofing & Siding a call. Our team is made up of licensed and insured experts that not only plan to assist you on the job, we'll help you file your insurance claims. It's no secret that insurance companies can be tough to deal with. When you partner with us, you won't have to do it alone! For more information about our services and to find out how we'll go head to head with insurance companies on your behalf, call Levi's Roofing & Siding!

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